We are extremely thankful for the generous financial and moral support by our sponsors, private donors and the people, who have been supporting us on location!

P-CAP Premium Sponsors

LunaJets, The Thinking Traveller, Essentiel, Paxos to Enjoy,
and Montana-Cans.

About LunaJets

Based in Geneva since 2007, LunaJets is the leading independent European private jet booking platform, offering the best price, service and flexibility anywhere in the world. For business or for pleasure, from Very Light jets to Super Large jets or VIP airliners, LunaJets organises all types of flights and guarantees 24/7 worldwide service. With access to more than 4,800 recent aircraft, LunaJets uses a proprietary smart technology to match client needs with available business jets. Arg/Us certified broker since 2015.  Best Employer 2018 award.  With our mobile app, booking a private jet through LunaJets is made even more convenient and simple.

“LunaJets is thrilled to support the Paxos Contemporary Art Project. We always felt connected to the art industry since the very beginning. 10 years ago among our first clients, artists and art dealers were already flying to events organised by famous auction houses and to International Art Fairs in Basel, Hong-Kong, Miami, Maastricht to name only a few. It’s our great pleasure to support the expression of contemporary, innovative and thought-provoking art in such a beautiful, and inspiring island.”

About The Thinking Traveller

Since 2002, The Thinking Traveller has been offering privileged and exclusive access to the most desirable rental properties in the heart of the Mediterranean, more specifically in Sicily, Puglia, the Ionian and the Sporades Islands, and Corsica. The company’s success – including being voted Best Villa Rental Company three times at the Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards - is based on three founding principles: exceptional villas, unrivalled local knowledge and expert personal service.

“When we were approached about becoming a Premium Sponsor for the Paxos Contemporary Art Project, we were delighted to accept. We’ve long been in love with Paxos, its people and its wonderful mix of beaches, olive carpeted hills, dramatic cliffs and picturesque little harbours, so to be part of a cultural initiative that will promote sustainable, quality tourism is a great honour. We can’t wait to see the artists’ work and we know our clients are excited too.”

About Essentiel

What started out as a basic T-shirt collection in 1999 grew into a colorful Ready-to-Wear collection for men and women. Essentiel Antwerp operates in 40+ own points of sales in Belgium, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and UK, you will also find our collection in numerous multi-brand stores both nationally and internationally.

“Essentiel Antwerp’s owners, Esfan Eghtessadi and Inge Onsea have a particular attachment for the beautiful island of Paxos as well as the arts in general. They are excited to take part in this beautiful journey to inspire and promote the culture and the heritage of the island.”

About Paxos To Enjoy

Paxos To Enjoy is an organisation that aim not only to support people in planning their best Paxos experience with a broad range of services, starting from the  choice of the perfect private villa to the planning of a personalised travel option.

Our first mission is to take care of  those coming to Paxos and to let them to experience the intimacy of this peaceful heaven, the genuine friendliness of the locals, and the captivating scenery of this tiny island with a big heart and laid-back vibe.

“We are very glad to support the PCAP Project, since our aim is to serve the Paxos community and to spread the culture and the natural beauty of this tiny paradise all over the world.”

About Monatana-Cans

When passion meets precision. Not only because the team behind the brand has it's roots in Graffiti and Art cultures, but also as they were, and still are, active users. When passion met German precision, a new level in quality art making tools was born. MONTANA-CANS laboratory nerds work hand-in-hand with Artists and Designers from around the globe. The Montana family has organically grown through years of pushing the limits on Spray can technology together with a huge artist collective. The brand's marriage of the street and science became the backbone of research and development. The artists ever changing needs together with MONTANA's lab nerds technical knowledge, enabled them to reach the highest quality levels and bring new innovations. MONTANA-CANS products are unparalleled in quality, assortment and variety. The brands focus is to bring you is the highest quality. The love for Graffiti, Art and creativity in all forms is also extended by the continuous support of artists and creative events worldwide.

P-CAP Material Support

Private Donors

Dagmar Baumann, Sebastian Billig, Alice v. Buquoy, Felix v. Buquoy, Gaetano Castellini, Emanuela and Carlo del Torso, Christina Gaber, Jessica and Francois Gérard, Lillian and Jarle Hellum, Amelie Kienlin, Petra Kraus, Lisa Lee Benjamin, Valentina and Francesco Marini Clarelli, Anna and Nicolò Marzotto, Celia v. Mitschke-Collande, Giovanna Monti, Violetta Nasi, Miles Paloympis, Melia Pouri, Chiara and Amedeo Reale, Rossella and Francesco Reale, Alice Sauve, Antonino Sauve, Eymeric Segard, Orsola and Gianluca Spinola, Federico Spinola, Gaia Tomacelli Filomarino, Giustiniano Tomacelli Filomarino, Philippa Trevelyan, Iannis and Emi Tricardos, Georg Veit, David Worthmann, and Irene Zerbini

Special Thanks to:

Voula Apergi, Spiros Bogdanos, Caroline Breidenbach, Chris Boïcos, Christos Grammatikos, Antigoni Iosifidou, Katerina Koskina, Faye Lychnou, Periklis Laskaris, Sofronis Mitsialis, Robert Rawe, Spiros Vlachopoulos and Christoph Walz.