Paxos Island: An Inspiration for Contemporary Art

This summer 2018, eight cutting-edge contemporary artists have been invited by the newly funded Paxos Contemporary Art Project to interact with the wild and natural beauty of Paxos.

Paxos Contemporary Art Project (P-CAP) is a unique and unprecedented art installation and performance project, that seeks to highlight the spirit of the island and support the work of young artists.

Paxos lies south of Corfu in the Ionic sea. The island has been able to protect itself from the strain of modern tourism, maintaining a unique landscape and spirit of hospitality.

The Curators
P-CAP was curated by the Berlin based artist duo Leonid Keller, who are also participating artists in the exhibition. “We wanted to identify contemporary artists, that have the ability to create thought provoking and site specific works in remote areas.”

The Project
P-CAP takes place on the island from 22 June to 9 September 2018. All art events and installations will be hosted in public places across the island and will be completely free of charge for visitors from Greece, Europe and the rest of the world. Visitors will be able to access the spots either by car or on foot. Some of the larger installations will also be visible from the sea.

The project features works that have been created especially for the festival by the participating artists. These include works on paper, sculpture, performance, mural, and audio/video installations. All works will be site specific, with materials found on the island.

Visitors will be able to navigate the festival as well as heritage sites, natural reserves, restaurants, beaches and other places of interest.

Info Point
An information point at the Chris Boïcos Fine Arts Gallery in the centre of Gaios will provide detailed information about the artists and their work. Open 7/7, 10am-1pm and 8pm-10.30pm.

P-CAP “No More Plastic”
P-CAP “No More Plastic” is an initative created to generate public awareness about plastic pollution on the island. By purchasing the P-CAP tote bag for your shopping you contribute to save the island from plastic and support the environmental initiatives of the Volunteers Group Plastic Free Paxos ( The tote bags are available at Chris Boïcos Fine Arts Gallery in Gaios and in some participating shops around the island from Mid-July 2018.

About the Initiator
Italian born Marina Tomacelli Filomarino, who initiated the project says: “The idea was born from a deep passion for the island’s beautiful and unique nature. At first, it seemed like a dream to me, to accomplish such a challenging project, which would join the magnificent landscapes of Paxos with inspiring contemporary art. However, when I started to share my dream with artists, curators, and friends from Paxos and abroad I received a tremendous response and great moral and practical support. I am very thrilled that it all has come together now.” Marina Tomacelli Filomarino has been a regular visitor to the island for the past 40 years.

Sponsors and Supporters

P-CAP is financially supported by 4 Premium Sponsors - LunaJets, The Thinking Traveller, Essentiel and Paxos to Enjoy - and the commitment of private donors, that have a particular attachment to the beautiful island of Paxos, as well as the arts in general.